Listed below are some of the metal work products we can manufacture, however, as everything we fabricate is produce by our skilled engineers, if it is to be made in metal or glass we’ll be able to help.

Access Ladders

Metal access ladders for mezzanine floors, upper levels, and raised platforms.


Balustrade for raised platforms, balconies and walkways.

Batch Metalworking

Maintain your reputation by outsourcing to a fabricator with high precision engineering standards.

Hygienic Pipework

Hygienic pipework used in food and drink production processes.

Internal Glass Log Store

An internal glass log store for storing wood indoors

Enclosed Metal Fire Escape Ladder

Our enclosed metal fire escape ladder is designed to meet fire regulations or provide easy access for maintenance inspections.

Metal Staircases

Metal staircases for residential and commercial applications.

Metal Storage Cages

Metal storage cages for valuable stock, packaging, refuse and hazardous materials.

Metal Railings

All the metal railings we manufacture are bespoke to each project.

Sheet Metalwork

Precision sheet metal components, assemblies and sheet metal fabrications structures.

Our products include
  • Access Platforms
  • Balustrades
  • Batch Metalworking
  • Hygienic Pipework
  • Metal Fire Escapes
  • Metal Staircases
  • Metal Bin Stores
  • Metal Railings
  • Sheet Metalwork
  • Other Metal Fabrication