Outsourced fabrication helps to improve bottom line


Outsourced fabrication helps to improve bottom line

A recent survey has reported that manufacturing output in the UK is on the rise as the demand for “Made in Britain “goods increases. Could this increase also create demand for outsourced fabrication?

Conducted by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) the survey of 464 manufacturers found that total order books climbed to the highest level since August 1988, with 27% of firms reporting that their total order books were above normal.

The survey also found that the demand for exported goods was equally on the rise with again 23% of firms asked claiming that their export order books were also well above normal.

Outsourced fabricationFor the British manufacturing industry however, perhaps the most interesting finding of the survey may be that of the 464 manufacturing firms asked, 30% said that volume output has significant increased over the past three months.

Whilst increased volume output may be a great thing, for some it may leave firms at full capacity and unable to cope with this increased demand for goods manufactured in Britain.

For manufacturing firms with this predicament, perhaps instead of turning away work opportunities, a viable alternative may be to outsource some of your fabrication requirements.

By using a trusted fabricator, outsourced fabrication will help you to maintain your high standards as it will prevent your workforce from being pushed too hard and therefore forced to compromise on the end finish of the product in order to meet a time deadline. This approach will help also help to improve staff morale and ensure that the manufactured product is delivered to the end client in a timely fashion.

Eliot Saxton, Managing Director of Essential Fabrications said “Outsourced fabrication is a fantastic way for firms already working at full capacity to further increase their level of output, as well as improve their bottom line. We are a trusted fabricator for a number of local manufacturing firms, who have entrusted us to complete their fabrication requirements.”

If your business is working at full capacity and you are in need of outsourced fabrication,  then please do not hesitate to contact Essential Fabrications on 0115 975 5787 or email us at sales@essentialfabrications.co.uk



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